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Funny Flash and Comedy Downloads

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  1. Funny T-shirts slide show
    -Some of the best t-shirts you'll ever see. Very sexy ones too. Well worth the oogle.
    765 kb / Power Point
  2. Funny mistakes slide show
    -Some advertising and other mistakes that are hopefully accidental.
    564 kb / Power Point
  3. Prostate exam slide show
    -Learn all about this type of exam in a very humorous way.
    191 kb / Power Point
  4. Humorous answering machine message
    -Rocky leaves a hilarious message for your machine.
    99 kb / MP3
  5. Humorous answering machine message
    -Another one stating that a kitty will die if you don't leave a message.
    167 kb / MP3
  6. Cat's In The Cradle song parody
    -Weird Al sings this parody done in a Flash movie.
    264 kb / Flash Movie
  7. Magical Elevator
    -A bunch of cartoons that tell the story of a couple from an African tribe encountering an elevator for the first time.
    201 kb / Power Point
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